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March 2012 Philanthropy Blog

02 Apr 2012 12:29 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

   March was another stupendous month for The Noblemen full of lots of wonderful local philanthropy. One of the coolest events that happened during the month was a fundraiser that was held by The Peninsula Noblemen. Peninsula Noblemen members Keith Arnold, Bubba Hutchison and Chris Flores spent an entire evening waiting tables at "The Pearl French Bistro" in Newport News with all of their tips going to The Noblemen organization. Keith, Bubba and Chris invited their friends and clients to dine at The Pearl and packed the restaurant. At the end of the evening these fine Noblemen raised over $6000 in tips!

The Peninsula Noblemen decided that they wanted some of the proceeds from their night to fund a very Noble Deed. The Noblemen were happy to pay travel and lodging expenses to send JoJo Sibert to Disney World! JoJo is a young lady from Hampton who celebrated her 9th birthday just the other day surrounded by princesses in Disney World! JoJo has been battling cancer and other conditions as well.

JoJo finished chemotherapy in January and celebrated with a remission party! There is a 90% chance that her cancer will not return!


   Edmarc Hospice for Children contacted The Noblemen in hopes that we might make a special wish come true for a couple of great local kids and their families.

Abigail suffers from a rare type of Leukemia and wants so badly to go with her sister to see "The Fresh Beats Band", a very popular children's band.

Owen's little brother Reid suffers from a severe seizure disorder and several other medical conditions. Owen really wants to go to see "The Fresh Beats Band" with his brother.

The Good news is that "The Fresh Beats Band" is coming to Chrysler Hall on April 12th! The bad news is that the show is sold out. One of the social workers at Edmarc was able to find tickets on Stubhub but they were too expensive for the families to afford. The Noblemen were delighted to purchase 6 tickets to the concert so each child can go with their siblings and a parent to enjoy some FRESH BEATS!


   The Chesapeake Noblemen had an amazing and awesome month as they delivered dictionaries to over 700 third graders in Chesapeake Title I Public Schools.

The Dictionary project has been going on for 9 years in Virginia Beach and The Noblemen are very proud to have added Chesapeake Public Schools for the second year in a row!

We deliver the dictionaries directly to the children in their classrooms and truly have an amazing time interacting with the children and teaching them about philanthropy!

Read more about the dictionary project in the February 2012 edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog!

Great Job Chesapeake Noblemen and NobleWomen!

   Congratulations to The Tallwood NobleTeens! The original chapter of The NobleTeens continues to do wonderful things in their school and in the Hampton Roads community.

Volunteer Hampton Roads is recognizing The Tallwood Nobleteens as "Volunteer of the Year" in the Youth Group Category at their annual Volunteer Achievement Awards! The NobleTeens are being recognized for the many amazing projects they have conceived including their annual "Friendable Prom", an annual prom that they host for over 200 special needs adults.


 The Chesapeake Noblemen came to the aid of a Chesapeake family in need and did a very Noble Deed for them. Edmarc Hospice for Children alerted The Chesapeake Noblemen to an issue that a local family was having with their refrigerator. The family has a daughter who is in hospice care and takes medication that must be refrigerated. The family was having problems with their refrigerator and it was beyond repair. The Chesapeake Noblemen donated funds for the family to purchase a new, problem free refrigerator.

Great job Noblemen!


   One of The Norfolk NobleWomen asked if The Noblemen organization could assist a family in Norfolk who is working very hard to get on their feet. The Father was recently disabled by a stroke and can no longer work. The Mother is working as much as possible while still caring for 5 children and now also caring for her husband. The family is currently residing in a motel room with 2 double beds.

The Noblemen gave a $500 gift to the family to ease the pressure of their monthly bills and to help them make a security deposit payment on a house.

We wish them the very best of luck as they try to get some normalcy back into their lives!

PO BOX 1433 

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