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February 2012 Philanthropy Blog

14 Mar 2012 12:21 AM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

February is a truly EXCEPTIONAL month for The Noblemen organization! Every year The Noblemen purchase and deliver over $20,000 worth or Scholastic children's dictionaries for EVERY third grader in Virginia Beach Title One Public Schools. It is an amazing experience for everyone involved, third graders, teachers, Noblemen, Noblewomen and principals!
When we visit the third grade classrooms we tell the students that we are in their class to perform a "Noble Deed" for them. Each third grader is told that in order they to gain possession of their new dictionary they must enter into a contract with The Noblemen. Each dictionary has a sticker in the front that contains the contract and it reads:

"This dictionary is provided as a gift to a great Virginia Beach kid. Please pass it along to another when you no longer need it"

We ask all of the children, "why do you think we put that in your dictionary?" and talk to them about philanthropy. We talk about why it makes us feel good to perform a Noble Deed for them and how they have the opportunity to perform a Noble Deed for another when they no longer need their dictionary. It is a truly magical interaction that we have with the students and it is an experience that they never forget. We have teenagers tell us when we visit high schools that they still remember the day that The Noblemen visited them in third grade and delivered dictionaries. The Dictionary Project is a unique and rare experience indeed!

The Noblemen display an exceptional aptitude for helping out Third Graders!


The Noblemen were honored to provide a gift to the Mid-Atlantic Arthritis Foundation in honor of fellow Noblemen member Dan Ryan Jr. Dan and his wife Amy are being honored by the Arthritis Foundation for their advocacy and support of children suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis. We are very proud of Dan and Amy and proud to support their efforts!


The Noblemen also provided a gift to The Virginia Beach Sports Club to help fund their youth programs and scholarships. The Virginia Beach Sports Club awards scholarships to local student athletes who are lettering in a sport and submit an application that demonstrates how sports provide a positive influence in their lives. It is a truly Noble program that we are delighted to support!


The Chesapeake NobleWomen did a very Noble Deed for some very deserving kids in Chesapeake. Truitt Intermediate School hosted their first annual Father-Daughter banquet and dance. It was a wonderful night just for father's and daughter's and The NobleWomen played a big role in making the magic happen. The Noblewomen donated junior sized gown to many of the girls who attended and they also worked the event, serving food and decorating. This segment from a thank you letter from Regina Ratcliff, Principal at Truitt pretty much sums up just how wonderful a job The NobleWomen did:

"This donation of dresses will impact our students in ways that many of us take for granted every day. This father - daughter banquet will give these girls a special evening with their fathers in an environment some have only seen in pictures. The memories they create this night will live in their minds and hearts for years to come. Your donation has provided some of our young ladies with something special beyond what their words could express."

Awesome job NobleWomen, Awesome job!


Thank you for reading this latest edition of our philanthropy blog! Please
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 happened in the month of March!

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